Permanent sales post
Hi guys,

This is my permanent sales post. :)


Here are my rules:

• All pkmncollectors rules apply.
• I only sell to pkmncollectors members only / no banned users.
• I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched February 11 2013
• My feedback: http://
• I ship from New York and I do ship internationally.
• PAYPAL ONLY.  Prices are in USD. Prices do not include shipping & paypal fees, unless otherwise noted.
• Please send payment as "Goods" to buddhaman91[at]hotmail[dot]com along with your username and item/s bought.
• I am no longer responsible for your items once I ship them out. If you want insurance or tracking number, let me know.
• Items will be placed in a plastic bag and shipped in a bubble envelope, unless they're too big, then I will ship them in a small box or bigger one if needed. I also sandwich tags between pieces of cardboard and tape it up for protection.
• I usually ship items every few days, but no more than 3-4 at the most.
• I'm open to haggling, but please do not be offended if I turn down you offer.
• I can hold items for up to 24 hours, but please let me know asap if you would like to pass.
• Items are from a smoke-free home. I have several cats, but they're kept away from everything.
• Please do not delete comments to avoid confusion. If you want to correct something, you can just add another comment on the thread.
• Please note that international shipping prices has gone up, so please be aware that the cost will be higher.
• If you have any questions, then please ask away! :D


Jakks Shellos tush tag Only $10
Jakks Grovyle Plush tush tag Only $35
Jakks Flygon Plush tush tag only and Black and 1 white eye parts are a little damaged
Jakks Munna Plush New with both hang tag and tush tag $8
Jakks Woobat Plush $7 with both hang tag and tush tag, but hang tag is torn with only half of it left
Jakks Buizel Plush tush tag only $10


Munna Jakks Pokedoll Plush New $12
Zoroark Jakks DX Figure New $15
Zekrom Jakks DX Figure New $15


Banpresto Shaymin Sky Forme New with both tags $20
Banpresto Zoroark New with both tags $20
Banpresto Patrat New with tags Sold!
Banpresto Minccino $9 no hang tag


Jakks Spring Deerling figure Sold!
Jakks Keychain Oshawott plush $7
Jakks Tepig Keychain Plush $7

I also want this bugger so badly! It's the Shiny Takara Tomy Oshawott Lottery Prize. If anyone has one, then please let me know!


I also have some other items for sale here as well!

Thanks much for looking!

Other Sales! Anime figures and My Little Pony Items
Hi guys!

I'm trying to get rid of a few misc things.
Cut that thread!Collapse )

Pokemon Plush Wants List
Hi guys,

This is My pokedoll wants list. I know this list is pretty big, but I'm hoping to expand my collection further.

The top tier is pretty much the ones that I really want as of right now, but I'm very much open for the others as well.

I would like for the newer ones that are minky if at all possible. Since a lot of these pictures aren't of those. Though I know that some of these aren't available in that fabric, which is fine.

I'm not sure of the prices for all of these, so if anyone has any of these and could send me a price for how much they want for it, then It would be very appreciated. :)

Top Tier


High Tier


Mid Tier


Low Tier


Bottom Tier



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